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For you, enjoying nature and silence. - On the Pisteri peninsula at the northern end of Lake Inari there is a basecamp called Pisteri for fishing, hiking or hunting trips or just relaxing and taking it easy.

The farm was occupied by the Inari Sámi family, Aili and Onni Kuuva until the early 1990's.

At Pisteri you will experience genuine peace, closeness to nature and the history of the place comes alive. Here you will have the opportunity to fish, pick berries, hunt, cross-country-ski, go snowshoeing, cuddle trees or simply enjoy the lakeside sauna, depending on the season when you visit our "paradise island". At times the Northern Lights will also tell their stories.

The paradise for hikers and fishermen

Inari Lake is famous for fishing. On the lake you can fish for trout, grayling, arctic char and whitefish.

You can catch big of grayling, even on the home shore.